Our Services

Marina Office
Customs and Harbour Procedures Department
Exchange office
Daily weather forecast
Postal service

Security Services
Club Marina is surveyed 24 hours by
our Special Security Team.

Environmental Services
Solid waste collecting points
Wasted engine oil collecting points
Recycling collection points

Mooring Services
24 h escorting services for the boats in marina
entries and exits and mooring back-up.

Service Boat
Our service boat provides you free transportation service from/to
"Marina A" Club Marina and Skopea Marina between the hours of
07.45-24.00 in the summer. Operating hours of the service
boat are seasonal and all the necessary information is
may be obtained from our information boards or our marina office.

Diving Services
Please contact our front office for more information.

Club Marina has an efficient electric distribution network and a 875 kWh generator.
There are also 134 switch boards in our marina and a total of 226 outputs on the switch boards.
General power distribution is as below:
71 three phase + Mono phase 230 V - 400 V
63 Mono phase 200 V - 250 V
(Providing 16 - 250 ampere power )

Water connection is provided from the existing panels. Each panel has 2 water outputs.

Shower & WC
You can use our showers with hot water and WCs
24 hours on 4 different points of the marina.

ATM and Banks
All ATMs and banks are in Göcek centre.

Our marina provides 24h free internet service.
Please contact our office for the passwords.

Fuel oil
Our filling station equipped with high-tech pumps
provide 24h service all the year round.
Our station has the possibility and capacity to collect
your wasted water during the fuel purchase.

Restaurant & Café-bar
There are some restaurants and café-bars in our marina.

Fire Safety
A 7.30m fire safety boat with foam and sea water fire
fighting systems and equipped with dry chemical powder
systems are non-stop ready for 24h for any emergency.
Our safety boat may be used for towing, rescue and disembarkation.
All our jetties are equipped with dry chemical powder fire fighting
systems of various dimensions which are periodically maintained.
Our filling station has a separate fire fighting unit.

Club Marina Gocek
48310 Fethiye, Mugla - TURKEY

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(+90 252) 645 1800 PBX
(+90 252) 645 1804

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